name: monica 💕

age: 22

pronouns: she/her

big 3: scorpio sun, taurus rising, cancer moon

(some of my) favorite artists: paramore, foster the people, the garden, ashnikko, pvris, food house, porter robinson, king princess, skrillex, troye sivan

favorite food: mac and cheese (lit rally amazing)



somehow i found out this weird (i like to call it "cookie" tbh) art style accidentally when i was playing around with the photoshop effects one day (as one does when you have nothing better to do) and i became hooked with putting it on everything omg. i like how it makes everything seem less flat and stale (no pun intended!!1!)

i'm also obsesseddd with the super bold and fun web aesthetics that came from the late 90's and very early 2000's and i love collecting stickers so creating this little shop lets me do a 2-in-1 and create things for both me and others to enjoy! (not to get too sappy on here lol)